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  • Company PJSC "Ukrenergoremont" mastered, manufactured and delivered to the consumer, the roller with the actuator 1M-27250А for rolling mill.

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Compressor KT-6

Spare parts for compressors CT 6


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injection Valveсб





suction Valveсб





plate valve large





damper Plate is small




CT-6 – this is a positive displacement, two stage, three cylinder compressor, which is used on the locomotives. the Compressor KT-6 is a three-cylinder machine with two-stage compression with W-shaped arrangement of cylinders and a camber angle 60°. The first stage cylinders are side cylinders, the cylinders of the second.

Side cylinders are the cylinders of the first stage, the average — the cylinder of the second compression stage. The rotation of the crankshaft in compressor KT-6 is counterclockwise.

Spare parts for compressor KT-6

Spare parts for compressor KT-6 you can buy in our company. PJSC «Ukrenergoremont” offers a range of essential spare parts for compressor KT-6, including a piston finger, directing the valve, lining external and internal, connecting, and more.

Purpose of the compressor KT-6

Purpose of compressor KT-6, as well as the CT-7 is to produce compressed air with pressure up to 9 kgf/sq cm and provide them with braking systems rolling stock of railway transport, various mechanisms, drilling rigs and other consumers of compressed air.