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  • Notification of changes

     in the agenda of the annual General meetings

            General Director of PRIVATE JOINT stock company «Ukrenergoremont” reports on amendments in the agenda of the ordinary General meeting of shareholders, held on 28th April 2016 at 12.00 at the address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region., city Kryvyi Rih, str. 10-letiya Oktyabrya, Bud. 37-b  approx. 21 (announcement of the convening of the next shareholders ' meeting published in the Bulletin "Bulletin of the National Commission on securities and stock market"  No. 60(2314)  from 29.03.2016 g) by the inclusion of new issues.

  • Company PJSC "Ukrenergoremont" mastered, manufactured and delivered to the consumer, the roller with the actuator 1M-27250А for rolling mill.

  • The General Director of the PRIVATE JOINT-stock company "Ukrenergoremont" notifies You that on April 28, 2016 at 12: 00 at the address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region., city Kryvyi Rih, str. 10-letiya Oktyabrya, Bud. 37-b approx. 21, will hold the annual General meeting of shareholders.

  • Private Joint-stock company Ukrenergoremont is a leading manufacturer of products for General engineering in Ukraine. In addition, CHAO Ukrenergoremont carries out full cycle of works in the field of machining parts (heat treatment, milling, grinding, turning, broaching and slotting work, gear treatment, isibonakalisi, welding).

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Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment

Semiautomatic device



Ensures welding non-consumable electrode by direct or

Commuted current in an argon atmosphere.

Current, 300 A




Powered by a three-phase network with a load capacity of up to 300 A with a duty cycle of 30% and an ambient temperature up to 40 ° C, so the necessary welding characteristics are guaranteed even in conditions of high ambient temperature.




Designed for shop floor conditions. It has functional features that increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency of welding operations. Welding current range 20-320A.

Сварочные работыWelding - technological process, the essence of which lies in a complex of works using special welding equipment, the purpose of which is to form a permanent connection of materials through the creation of atomic bonds between them, which can be achieved by thermal, mechanical or thermo-mechanical stress. Today, there is a lot of welding technologies, more than 50 varieties, the most common are plasma, laser, contact, diffusion welding and many others. The price depends on the welding complexity of the product: the quantity of composite parts, assembly materials, as well as the time required to perform the welder to complete work cycle.

Welding works: three welding classes

If we take the physical nature of the welding process as the basis, it is possible to distinguish three classes of welding:

1. Welding Fusion 
2. Pressure Welding 
3. Thermomechanical Welding

The first class includes types of welding, the performance of which takes place without any pressure applied. The source of heat during fusion welding is a welding arc, beam energy, gas flame and "Joule heat". With such a welding melts of the metals that need to connect, unite in a common weld pool, when cooling occurs melt crystallization process in the cast weld.
Welding works are carried out using mechanical energy in the form of pressure, whereby the metal is deformed and starts to flow like a liquid. Moving along the surface, metal carries with it the contaminated layer. And in direct contact come fresh layers of material that come into chemical interaction.
Regarding thermomechanical welding, the thermal energy is used and the pressure. Due to mechanical stresses and to heat billets necessary parts can be combined together and provide the desired ductility of the material.

Welding works of any complexity

PJSC "Ukrenergoremont" performs welding works of any complexity, any amount and any technical availability. We carry out welding work on individual construction projects.
Very often, the welding works are carried out in the welding homes, garages and other buildings. Welding Services  may also need to strengthen the balconies of buildings whose age is more than ten years, in order to strengthen the structure and to use it safely. Conducting welding process is necessary not only in manufactural field, but also in private business. It should be understood that in whatever field of welding is used, it must meet the technological requirements as well as safety requirements.