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Spare parts for turbochargers


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Turbochargers of diesel locomotives, as well as the blowers, are intended to ensure diesel charge air. The air supply system of diesel locomotives is based on the use of turbochargers unified series type TK. In locomotives with two-stroke diesel engines in addition to the turbocharger is a centrifugal supercharger driven by the crankshaft.

Turbocharger of the locomotive consists of an axial gas turbine and centrifugal compressor, which are combined into one machine.

In the turbochargers of diesel locomotives in operation common drawback, which is called surging, that is, when the air is periodically ejected into the suction pipe. This phenomenon occurs when performance of the turbocharger is reduced due to the increase in resistance of the gas tract. This happens when polluted air cooler is installed after the first stage of compression; the coking exhaust and inlet ports of the cylinder sleeves; the coking nozzle turbine, or blockage of air purifiers.

Spare parts for turbochargers

Turbocharger can have the following faults: wear of bearings, wear and damage of the impeller vanes of the compressor and the turbine, the deflection of the rotor shaft; an increased axial run of the rotor. If any of the above problems of turbochargers, the turbocharger must be removed from diesel, to clean, to inspect it, and repair. All required spare parts for turbochargers you can purchase in our company. The presence of the supporting bearings, bearing, bushings, rotors, etc.

During maintenance during operation of the diesel engine is checked whether the oil to the bearings of the turbocharger. The oil should drain from the bearings in the control module continuously. Also check exposed to the oil pressure which is conducted to the bearings of the turbocharger.

Working Principle of a diesel locomotive turbocharger

Exhaust collectors come in turbocharger, passing through the nozzle unit, they fall on the blades of the disk and the rotor rotates. On the opposite side of the rotor is a compressor wheel, which absorbs air from the air cleaner, and then pumps it to the coil, after which the air rushes into the intake manifold where it is distributed to the cylinders.